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Basic Motorsport Portal

This is the entry level solution for organizations that manufacture, distribute, or sell motorsport parts or services.  Features include:

  • Content Management - From any web browser in the world you can easily update your product and service offerings as well as every other piece of content on your site.  No more need to wait for (or pay) a web designer to post new information or images for you!  Now you don't have to explain to a web designer the difference beween compression ratio and compression height!  We've built a framework which allows even the most inexperienced PC users to administer and maintain their web presence.
  • Content Rich Environment - Attract potential buyers by offering events, news, links, customer vehicles, and corporate projects.  A big part of getting a person to buy from you is getting them to your site so they can see how your offerings are better than the other guy's.  All of these website sections are fully administrated by you via a simple web browser so it doesn't take a lot of time or effort to give your visitors what they want the most, up to date content!
  • Product, Service, and Vendor Listings - Show them what you've got.  Don't wait a month or more to introduce a new product or service offering on you website!  Did you just sign on a new big name vendor?  Put it on your site!  Each of these sections (as well as others) can be configured by you to be highlighted right there on your main page.  Want to change up the products you have highlighted?  Simply access the admin screen from any web browser you have access to and switch on/off what you want.
  • Experienced Design - This product was built by motorsport enthusiasts for motorsport enthusiasts.  We've put a lot into this product because motorsports is what we enjoy doing when we're not writing code! 

What you get with the basic package (which isn't all that basic!):

  • Home Page - Featuring the content (Products, Services, Events, Customers, etc.) you wish to highlight.  You can quickly change what is highlighted in seconds via the administration screen.
  • Products Module - Allow your customers to perform keyword searches against your product list, then pull up the details and images of what they want to take a closer look at.
  • Services Module - Similar to Project Module but with different kinds of information of course.
  • Vendors Module - Give your customers a list of those vendor relationships you've been working on.  While you're at it, give them the company's web page so they can go check out the quality of their products.
  • Customers Module - Customers love to see themselves on the web.  Easily post vehicle specs, images, testimonials, etc. on your web page.  This is great for those of you who sponsor racers and want to post their latest triumphs in a timely manner!
  • Events Module - Post upcoming events to promote outings your company is involved in or related with.  Then post as many "results" from that event as you would like.
  • Links Module - Visitors love pages that have links to other places of interest (not your competitors of course!).  This is a great place to link to affiliated organizations that are of interest to your customer base.
  • News Module - Let people know what the latest scoop is in your business or in your particular sport!
  • Projects Module - Have some ongoing R&D projects you would like to share?  Or just want to provide some tech tips and how tos?  This module allows you to list projects and an unlimited number of related project steps.
  • About and Contact - Of course there's the ubiquitous about us page and contact us pages.  These pages, like all the others, can be updated quickly and easily from your internet browser.

Take a test drive of the Motorsport Portal now!


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