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Basic Organization Portal

This is the entry level solution for organizations that need a non-time consuming way to keep members in touch and aware of current events and news.  Features include:

  • Content Management - From any web browser in the world you can easily update your member information and events as well as every other piece of content on your site.  No more need to wait for (or pay) a web designer to post new information or images for you!  We've built a framework which allows even the most inexperienced PC users to administer and maintain their web presence.
  • Content Rich Environment - Attract potential members by offering events, news, links, member bios, and organization projects.  All of these website sections are fully administrated by you via a simple web browser so it doesn't take a lot of time or effort to give your visitors what they want the most, up to date content!
  • Articles, Events, and News Listings - Show them who you are and what you do.  Don't wait a month or more to introduce a new member or policy on you website! Each of these sections (as well as others) can be configured by you to be highlighted right there on your main page.  Want to change up the events or articles you have highlighted?  Simply access the admin screen from any web browser you have access to and switch on/off what you want.

What you get with the basic package (which isn't all that basic!):

  • Home Page - Featuring the content (Articles, Events, Members/Officers, News, etc.) you wish to highlight.  You can quickly change what is highlighted in seconds via the administration screen.
  • Articles Module - Allow your members to perform keyword searches against your organizations published articles (meeting notes, journals, white papers, etc.), then pull up the details and images of what they want to take a closer look at.
  • Affiliates Module - Give your members a list of those relationships your group has been working on. 
  • Members/Officers Module - Easily post bios, contact information, images, etc. on your web page. 
  • Events Module - Post upcoming events to promote outings your organization is involved in or related with.  Then post as many "results" from that event as you would like.
  • Links Module - This is a great place to link to supporting organizations that sponsor your organization.
  • News Module - Let people know what the latest scoop is in your group!
  • Projects Module - Have some ongoing community projects you would like to share? This module allows you to list projects and an unlimited number of related project entries.
  • About and Contact - Of course there's the ubiquitous about us page and contact us pages.  These pages, like all the others, can be updated quickly and easily from you internet browser.

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Customers | Events | News