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Subject Topic: Tian Long Ba Bu (Old Version) Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by AmandaBullock on 08 November 2022 at 7:44pm - IP Logged
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08 November 2022
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Xuanan and Xuanji, with two enemies and one enemy, blocked more and attacked less. Xuanan saw that every move of his boxing was restrained by the enemy. He was timid and could not use it at all. When Xuanji came up to attack, he changed his boxing to the "Arhat Boxing" of the Shaolin School. Qiao Feng said with a sneer, "That's also the martial arts of the barbarians from Tianzhu. Let's see if it's your barbarian kungfu or my Song Dynasty's skill." As he spoke, "Taizu Changquan" whizzed out. When they heard this, their hearts were full of bad taste. Everyone besieged him because he was a barbarian, but what they used instead was the barbarian martial arts, and he just used the boxing handed down by Taizu of this Dynasty. Suddenly Zhao Qiansun shouted, "No matter what kind of boxing he uses, if he kills his father, his mother, and his master, he should be killed.". Come on, everybody! As he shouted, he rushed up. Following Tan Gong, Tan Po, Elder Xu of the Beggars' Sect, Elder Chen, and the iron-faced judge Shan's father and son, dozens of people attacked at the same time. These people are very good at martial arts, although the number of people is large, they are not confused with each other, one up and one down, just like the wheel war. Qiao Feng shook his fist and said, "If you call me a Khitan, then Qiao Sanhuai's father-in-law and mother-in-law are not my parents.". Don't say that I have respected and loved these two old people all my life,ceramic bobbin heater core, and I have no intention of harming them. Even if I killed them, how can I be charged with'killing my father and mother '? Master Xuanku is my teacher. If the Shaolin Sect dares to recognize Master Xuanku as my master, Qiao is a Shaolin disciple. Why do you besiege a Shaolin disciple? Xuan Ji snorted and said, "It's unreasonable, but it can also justify itself." Qiao Feng said, "If you can justify yourself, it's not unreasonable.". If you don't treat me as a Shaolin disciple, then the word "kill the teacher" will not be added to my head. As the saying goes, 'If you want to punish someone, why bother?' If you want to kill me,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, just do it fair and square. Why add a lot of charges that can't be justified? He spoke with fervor and assurance, but his hands did not stop at all. He punched Shan Shushan, kicked Zhao Qiansun, elbowed Qin yuanzun, and slapped Bao Qianling. As he spoke, he knocked down four people in a row. He knew in his heart that these people were not evil people, so he always left a little room in his hands. Seventeen or eighteen people had been knocked down by him, but none of them had been killed. How many heroes have participated in this heroic meeting? Knocking down more than ten people is just replacing more than ten fresh troops. Fight again for a moment, Qiao Feng secretly frightened: "So will go on, I always have the moment of exhaustion, or as soon as possible to escape for it." As he fought, he watched the way out. Zhao Qiansun fell to the ground with a broken arm, but he could see that Qiao Feng wanted to walk. He shouted, "Let's try to entangle him. This unpardonable son of a bitch wants to escape!" When Qiao Feng was fighting, he was drunk and angry. When he heard Zhao Qiansun abusing him, saying that he was an "unpardonable son of a bitch", his anger could not be suppressed. He shouted: "The son of a bitch is the first to kill you!" Exercise in the arm, a move to split the empty palm to hit him in the past. Xuan Nan and Xuan Ji cried at the same time, "No!" Two people double palm together, Ceramic Bobbin ,7g Ozone Generator, carry the palm force, to take Qiao Feng this palm at the same time, save Zhao Qiansun's life. Suddenly, there was a flash of a figure in midair, and a man gave a long and miserable cry of "ah". His front heart was hit by the palm of Xuannan and Xuanji, and his back was hit by Qiao Feng's empty palm. Three fierce forces hit him back and forth, which immediately broke his ribs, broke his viscera, and spurted blood in his mouth, like a pool of soft mud. As a result, not only Xuan Nan and Xuan Ji were greatly shocked, but even Qiao Feng was quite unexpected. It turned out that this man was a sharp knife Qi Liu. He hung in the air for a long time, so dangling, the knife embedded in the beam finally came loose. His body fell, and unfortunately, it fell between the palms of the three men clapping with all their strength, like the huge force of two large iron plates squeezing together from the front and back. How not to kill him? Xuanan proclaimed the name of the Buddha and said, "Amitabha, good, good!"! Qiao Feng, you have done a great sin.
"Qiao Feng was furious and said," I'll kill half of this man, and your two brothers will kill half of him together. How can they all be counted on my account? " Xuan: "Amitabha, sin, sin.". If you hadn't hurt people first, how could there be such a fight today? Qiao Feng said angrily, "Well, everything is on my account, but so what?" Under the fierce struggle, the brute nature in his blood broke out, and suddenly he turned into a beast of prey. With a backhand, he grabbed a man. It was Shan Zhong Shan, the second son of Shan Zheng. Qiao Feng grabbed his single knife, right palm together, a clap, Shan Zhongshan Tianlinggai broken, died. All the heroes shouted in chorus, frightened and angry. After Qiao Feng killed people, he was even more furious, flying with a single knife. His right hand was a fist and a palm, and his left hand was a steel knife. His power was overwhelming. But the white wall was splashed with blood bit by bit. Many corpses fell down in the hall, some of them were decapitated, some of them were broken. By this time, he did not care to show mercy to the old members of the Beggars' Sect. His eyes were red and he killed anyone he saw. Elder Chuangong and Elder Xi were both killed by his sword. Nine times out of ten, the heroes who come to the hero banquet have killed people with their own hands. You should know that you can enjoy fame in the martial arts world. After all, you can't just make friends and boast. Even if you haven't killed people, you have seen a lot of murder and arson. But I have never seen such a fierce struggle as I have seen today. There was only one enemy, but he was like a trapped animal, like a ghost, slashing and killing from east to west. Many masters came forward to engage, and were killed by him with faster, more fierce, more ruthless, and more refined moves. All the heroes were not afraid of death, but under the impact of such a mad tiger, more than half of them had the intention of running away and wanted to leave the hall as soon as possible. Whether Qiao Feng was guilty or innocent, he didn't want to take care of it. Youshi Shuangxiong left hand each holding a round shield, right hand a short gun, a single knife,ceramic bobbin heater, two people suddenly whistle, round shield protection, from left to right to Qiao Feng attack the past. global-ceramics.com

The big devil

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