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Subject Topic: The glory of Germany Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by AmandaBullock on 08 November 2022 at 7:49pm - IP Logged
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08 November 2022
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"Yes!" Ji Ming answered very simply, "I didn't want to be the damned director of the General Security Bureau.". Do you know that this director has nothing good to do? He is busy all day long. I am so busy! With that, Ji Ming was ready to rush forward and grab his lover's tiny hand. But Nalsa's reaction was unusually quick. She deftly dodged Ji Ming's talons and mischievously stuck out her tongue at him: "You?"? You'd better be busy. If half of the work is not dead, hum, I think dozens of trucks may not be able to pull back? So, just die! I won't talk to you anyway! "No!" Ji Ming pretended to look at each other in surprise, and then pretended to be sad and sad and said, "Na'ersha!"! My wife! You can't do this to me! I am still very young! How can you curse me to death? If I die, who will support you? "Bah!" Nalsa spat hard on the ground and said, "What wife?"? Do you dare to call me an old woman? And I don't need you to support me? It's better if you're dead. I'll find someone else right away. To tell you the truth, there is a whole company of people chasing me! Narsa stood up and said proudly. No Ji Ming immediately put away his tears, and then he jumped up and retorted, "How could it be possible?"? How can there be only one company chasing you? Definitely more than that. In my opinion, my wife is so charming and talented that there is at least a battalion of aristocratic children chasing you! Nope! It should be a regiment! After saying this, Ji Ming immediately put on a smiling face and said to Na'ersha, "Wife, please forgive me once.". There's no way. There's always someone to do the work! "Humph!" Naersha still did not buy Ji Ming's account, she proudly turned her head away and pursed her mouth, a discontented look,ceramic igniter electrodes, after a while she secretly turned around and saw Ji Ming still giggling there. She finally couldn't help saying, "I called your office a lot, and I even called your home secretly.". As a result, instead of saying that you were not here, they said that you had gone out to work. Even the servant in your family said that you haven't been home for more than a month. Tell me honestly, did you really go to work. Are you too busy to go home? Asked Narsa, pressing forward. Whew! Ji Ming finally breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. "So this little girl thought I was keeping a second wife outside?"? That's easy to deal with. As long as the other person still loves him, there will be a turn for the better! In a few seconds, Ji Ming thought about the countermeasures again. He smiled at his lovely lover and took the opportunity to approach her. "Wife, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,alumina c799, you should know, especially when you listen to the news, that I haven't been quiet for a moment since I became the head of the damned General Security Bureau.". Do you remember when I got hurt? Do you know that I am still working so hard when I am injured? Don't mention the time when I am not injured. I wasn't there when you called me. You know what? Berlin was very dangerous at that time, and if I didn't command it myself, I don't know what would have happened. So, wife, you should understand me. No, no, no! I should be considerate of you, and I will call you later to tell you that you are safe. All right, honey? Have you forgiven me? Ji Ming said as he headed for Naersha. Hmmm Naersha got rid of Ji Ming's hateful lady-killer face, took the initiative to move half of her body, then pursed her mouth and glared at each other mercilessly, and then said: "Good!"! Just find a way to make me forgive you. I'll really forgive you! "All right!" Ji Ming promised, and then he said eerily to Nalsa, "But you have to close your eyes first!" "Well!" Narsa closed her eyes obediently. Taking advantage of this gap, Ji Ming took out a pink box in his pocket. Then Ji Ming quietly put the box in front of Narsa. You can open your eyes! Ji Ming said softly. As soon as Nalsa opened her eyes, she saw the box. She grabbed it and opened it happily. After the box was opened, Narsa suddenly stopped moving. He just stared at the box.
"What's the matter?" Ji Ming took a surprised look at Narsha. "Don't you like it?"? I paid a lot of money to order this butterfly diamond ring from Cartier Jewellery. The boss said that the rough diamond was shipped directly from the United States. I'm going to rush to your house after this party and put this ring on your finger. Ji Ming explained hurriedly. After looking at it for a while, Ji Ming found that Na'ersha still had no movement, and her heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the deep water like a stone. It's over! Looks like it's over! Ji Ming shook his head. "What's the story of a classic movie?"? It doesn't work at all! Thinking of this, Ji Ming cursed the damned film director in his heart. Then he said dejectedly, "Since you don't like it, I'll take it back." Then Ji Ming stretched out his hand to take the box. Unexpectedly, Naersha pushed Ji Ming's hands and said discontentedly, "Who says I don't like it?" Then he took the ring off the box and put it on his middle finger. Incorrect! Incorrect Ji Ming waved his hand hurriedly, "the wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger!" Then he hurriedly prepared to correct it. Hum Nalsa snorted heavily from her nose and said, "I'll take this.". If I didn't see that your heart is very sincere, it would be very difficult to make an engagement ring. If you want me to marry you, bring a bigger one! "All right!"! Ok! Ok Ji Ming immediately compromised and said, "What my wife says is what she says.". Everything you said is right! All right? "Hey, hey!" Narsha smiled at Ji Ming,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, then put her mouth together and kissed him gently on the cheek. But how could Ji Ming waste such a good opportunity? Taking advantage of the unstable center of gravity of the other side, Ji Ming rushed up with an arrow and hugged Naersha's arm, and then his mouth was heavily printed on Naersha's red lips. global-ceramics.com

The big devil

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