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Subject Topic: Officer Husband, I picked you up! Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by AmandaBullock on 08 November 2022 at 7:54pm - IP Logged
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08 November 2022
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Lu Ning was not in a hurry, gloating at someone's dauntless charge and counting silently in his heart. One Two Sure enough, the courageous man stopped, turned and stood awkwardly, "Lulu, that." Is this the way out? Puff ha ha.. "Lu Ning couldn't hold back, so he laughed and stepped forward, raising his jaw and looking at Wan's hair." "Wan Wan immediately received the signal, pulled off the hair rope and handed it to Lu Ning. Her long curly hair was loose, and her big eyes were more agile and her face was more petite and moving." Alas.. You have a golden eye. How do you know it's for you? "Nonsense!"! From small to large, like shiny things, is my Miss Lu! Lu Ning disdained Wan Wan's unconvinced expression. He weighed the hair rope, turned it over and looked at the LOGO. He stroked Wan Wan's head with satisfaction. "OK!"! Look, you brought me a good thing, and I carried the box. To tell the truth, Wan Wan is a soft persimmon, a pinch on the flat virtue, enjoying the love of the lemon Lu touch, as appreciated as spring, very proud, "Lu Lu, I'm going to buy you a cup of coffee, absolutely your favorite kind!" Lu Ning was even more satisfied. She gathered Wan Wan's long hair and pointed to the duty-free shop in the distance. Her thin lips opened lightly. "The most expensive one, dear." Wan Wan got the order and ran forward,china tile trim, aiming directly at the bright counter of a duty-free shop, until. From behind came a cry from Lu Ning and a heavy blow to the top of his head, and the bright counter turned into a large group of green people in front of him! This green! This green! Wan Wan is excited! This is the representative of the country, the PLA! Go abroad for many years are rare to see the green ah! Wan Wan felt that she was being dragged by someone, just a violent impact, the buttocks landing was an ironclad thing, fortunately this person has been holding his arm, he can not make a fool of himself, can reluctantly stand in a tilted position to face the crowd. Soldier Brother Wan Wan looked at the PLA comrades of more than a dozen people in front of him and muttered to himself. A group of people on the opposite side did not expect that the girl who had just gone on a rampage to prepare for wrestling would come out with such a sentence after the adventure,tile trim factory, and all of them were stunned. Wan Wan was also shocked by his'soldier brother '. Sure enough, is this the patriotism from the heart that has been cultivated in capitalist countries over the years? "Ha ha ha ha, just meet and call us brother!"! All right, then you're the sister! A man at the end of the line came forward and jokingly patted Wan Wan on the shoulder. Wan Wan came to her senses and looked at the people who came forward with extreme shame. Her cheerful smile, childish face and a standard salute, "The 108th Special Mixed Regiment of the 4th Armored Division in S City!"! Tong Nian! "Well, hello!" Wan Wan blushed and tried to ignore the cry of the ghost just now, pretending to be calm and embracing her arms to answer, "Wan Wan, a passer-by from W City visiting S City!" As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Comrade Tong Nian, who had just been alive and kicking, looking back in shock. Wan Wan glanced at the crowd strangely, and a group of people all gasped. Wan Wan is anxious, is it difficult for a group of them to carry out the task, so, stainless tile trim ,tile trim manufacturers, just right, the dangerous element password is just that joke? Wan Wan held her mouth and immediately panicked. It's not funny to be regarded as a dangerous person! "Let go," a cold voice came, Wan Wan was frightened by the indifference and displeasure in the tone of the speaker back two steps, looked down at his hand, only to find that he had just grabbed the hand that had been holding his body. Wan Wan quickly loosened her hand and looked at the man behind her with a little fear, a stiff military uniform, dark and healthy skin, sharp eyes, high nose, thin lips, and the faint smell of tobacco that could be smelled because she was close. I don't know why, just looking at myself, Wan Wan felt that this person's momentum was extraordinary, and the deterrent force was put there. Wan Wan, who had always been easily rubbed flat and round, once again bowed his head spinelessly, blocked his line of sight by his long hair, and apologized sullenly, "I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it.".
” "En," he looked at Wan Wan again, his eyes without waves, as if he had just spoken to someone other than himself, and walked straight forward. Everyone saw him go, withdrew their eyes, but also very tacit understanding at the same time looked at the broken state of Wan Wan girl, followed by. At the end of the procession, Tong Nianzhong, who had just come forward, came to Wan Wan again. "Comrade Wan, you touched the hand of our deputy regiment. It's good to be alive!" Wan Wan just wanted to ask why, only to hear a Comrade who had walked a long way in front of Tong Nian shouting at this side, Tong Nian immediately shrank his neck and ran away. Wan Wan was also frightened by the angry voice and watched a group of PLA comrades disappear at the exit before she breathed a sigh of relief. As the saying goes, after the mantis catches the cicada and the yellow sparrow, when the tense nerves just relax, the head is heavily slapped, Wan Wan turns her head, and sure enough, it's Lu Ning. Lu Lu "finally saw his own people, Wan Wan immediately had a kind of warmth to find home in his heart, and was about to rush up to tell the scene just now, but saw the expression of Lu Lime Peel smiling and not smiling." How. What's the matter!? The sixth sense told Wan Wan that something unfortunate was going to happen. You are my best friend! Lu Ning laughed as he took the hair rope out of his bag, went around behind Wan Wan, and tied a ponytail for her. Find out about the enemy in advance! Wan Wan immediately understood what she meant! Vaguely remember, before returning home in a phone call, experienced Miss Lu for an hour and 32 minutes of roaring, the content is blind date. Therefore Find out about the enemy! Wan Wan pointed to the exit where a group of people had just disappeared, licked her lips and looked at Lu Ning in disbelief. "You mean, the blind date your mother found for you is." Serviceman With a sneer, Lu Ning brushed her long supple hair and painted her delicate nails twice on Wan Wan's face. "Yes, she not only married a soldier herself, but now she wants me to marry a soldier." Wan Wan didn't quite agree with what she said. She frowned at her. "Hey,metal trim manufacturers, hey, hey, you don't like the profession of soldier. It's a personal orientation. What kind of soldier is a soldier? How can this word come out of your mouth like contempt?" 。 jecatrims.com

The big devil

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