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Message posted by AmandaBullock on 08 November 2022 at 8:02pm - IP Logged
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08 November 2022
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Jin Cancan felt that Jiang Dongyu was somewhat inexplicable. As soon as she said two sentences, she began to be in a daze. She suspected that the reason why Jiang Dongyu often worked overtime was that he was in a daze too much during his work, which led to the failure to complete the work in time. That's why she would always be like this. She would not admit that she really had so much work to do: "That's it?"? Don't say where the money goes, don't sign a contract or anything? Besides, the money is still in my account now, and I can get 20% of the profit empty-handed? You're not lying to me! Jin Cancan's face was short of four big characters "You are playing with me", and Jiang Dongyu finally realized that 20 million yuan was really a huge sum of money in Jin Cancan's eyes, and then he said: "Tomorrow you go to the company with me." Jin Cancan nodded dully: "Oh ~" The hand is loosened at that moment, Jiang Dongyu is enduring the sense of loss in the heart, then added a sentence: "Go to the company to sign a contract." The contract is really Jiang Dongyu said casually, he did not think there would be such a stubble, said these after the golden can like really at ease, no longer chasing Jiang Dongyu asked what, but took out his cell phone, made a phone call. Jiang Dongyu tightly pursed his mouth and left quickly. He was not used to the strange feeling just now, but he couldn't help slowing down and listening to who the people behind him were talking to on the phone. At the thought of it, the whirlpool in Jiang Dongyu's eyes seemed to be invisible. Jin Cancan, of course, called Cai Cai and Rui Rui at this time. The two little guys each wore a children's smart watch on their wrists, which could only answer the phone. She decided to train the two children to be the backbone of the country. Although she had the same idea before, she had a stronger idea at the moment,warehousing storage solutions, and she also had to maintain a good mother-child/mother-daughter relationship. In this way, the problem of providing for the aged can be solved by the way. Jin Cancan's unusually affectionate tone: "Baby, have you arrived at the place?" Ruirui: "Mom, here we are. Ruirui is at Grandma's house." "But I miss my baby so much now," Jin said plaintively. Ruirui: "Ruirui, Ruirui also miss Ma Ma ~" This time has been quiet vegetables then: "Mom." "Honey, I love you," Jin Cancan said immediately and enthusiastically. At a loss of vegetables: "Tomorrow vegetables and younger brother will go back,heavy duty metal racks, mother darling, do not make oh ~" Jin Cancan promised: "Well, I must be good, my baby, sweetheart, I really love you …" We're here. After the word "you" was pronounced, Jiang Dongyu, who stopped at the door of the second floor, threw it directly onto the wooden door. With great force, there was a loud bang directly. He was so surprised that the "people" behind him did not finish speaking. He complained in his heart that this man would not be his uncle. Then he continued to kiss and cultivate feelings with his daughter and son: "Mom, be good. Cai Cai and Rui Rui should also listen to their grandparents. Cai Cai and Rui Rui answered in unison: "Good!" Qin Lihua, who heard the two children talking to Jin Cancan on the other side, got goose bumps all over her body. You should know that the children's smart watch is a voiceover. The Jiang family has always been more introverted in their feelings. It is impossible to say "think", "love", "sweetheart" and "baby" directly like this, asrs warehouse ,cantilever racking system, while Jiang Zhengmin is completely unaffected. Still glanced at the wife who couldn't stand the expression and said cheerfully: "This trip to Ruirui is mellow." Hearing Grandpa's words, Ruirui said, "Mom, Mom cooks a lot of delicious food for Ruirui every day." Many, many, two outstretched hands are not enough to describe. Although Cai Cai and Rui Rui returned to Julin's home, Jiang Dongyu did not go back, the office was directly located in his bedroom, but Jin Cancan thought about letting him help make money, and said nothing in silence, but for dinner and breakfast the next day, Jiang Dongyu had always been calm, as if he was owed money, Jin Cancan thought it must be his uncle. It's like a woman's period lasts for days.
Because of Jiang Dongyu's low air pressure, Jin Cancan did not talk to him, two people had breakfast in silence, and then sat in the same car to Jiang's group in silence, but Jin Cancan felt a little uncomfortable all the way, the man's line of sight was always if there was no look, she looked in the mirror several times halfway, guessing that it would not be wearing the wrong clothes when she went out? Makeup? But there is no problem anywhere, that is, Jiang Dongyu has a problem! Jiang Dongyu a smelly face lasted for a long time, tight mouth, there is no expression on his face, if the eyes are more scary can certainly frighten the kind of crying children, the time to go to work waiting for the elevator is always a little more, but the president's exclusive straight ladder was overhauled this time, so golden eyes saw Jiang Dongyu's face turned to ink, she suddenly sympathized with Jiang's With such an uncertain president, their life must be in dire Straits! "Well, isn't it just that the elevator doesn't work?"? As for putting on such a scary expression, come on, you haven't squeezed into the elevator in the morning rush hour. You'll follow me later, and we'll be able to squeeze in as soon as the elevator comes down. Jin Cancan pulled Jiang Dongyu's wrist closer to the other elevators, and the man followed him for a moment, but what Jin Cancan didn't notice was that the man's eyes had been staring at the little white hand holding his wrist, the clouds on his face had dissipated, the sun had passed through the clouds, and if you looked carefully, you could see the arc of the man's mouth rising slightly. As Jin Cancan said, as soon as the elevator came down, they squeezed in. There were a lot of people in the elevator. Jiang Dongyu and Jin Cancan only occupied a small corner. It should be that everyone was in a hurry to go to work. Basically, no one noticed the existence of Jiang Dongyu. When Jin Cancan sighed that Jiang Dongyu's popularity in the company was not very good, A soft female voice sounded in the elevator: "General Manager Jiang?" Originally belonged to the same company group, there was a leader in the elevator, so the original voice disappeared in an instant, soon someone recognized Jiang Dongyu,wire mesh decking, sparse "Jiang Zong" shouts, the line of sight touched a place where two people were next to each other, and then avoided in an instant. jracking.com

The big devil

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