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Subject Topic: Avalokitesvara Code _ Miao Xinyu Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by AmandaBullock on 08 November 2022 at 8:04pm - IP Logged
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08 November 2022
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"However, as soon as we arrived in China, we knew that we had been cheated by Emperor Hirohito. This was an invasion. There were massacres and looting everywhere. The young people were crazy. They were crazy to burn, kill and loot.". The things they do are worse than animals. The old man wiped away his tears and kept saying, "We are sorry for the Chinese, we are guilty." Suzuki hung his head deeply and dared not move. The Fujiwara family has always believed in Buddhism, and I am willing to accept all retribution. Japan should also accept all retribution. We are not the only ones who have brought suffering to the Chinese people. We are the same. How many families have been separated? How many people still feel uneasy and can't even sleep well? How many people spend their lives with a sense of guilt? However, if the Japanese government does not sincerely apologize and does not respect history, the Japanese will have to bear the retribution of 60 years ago. The people of China, North Korea, South Korea, and so many countries in Southeast Asia will not forgive us for being hated by others. How can such a life be better? With tears in his eyes, the old man looked at the three young people affectionately and said with great emotion, "Take our family for example, we are also suffering from the consequences of the war. As a result, the two heirs of our family have stayed in China.". Huiren's father and Sally's father were both orphans left in China after the defeat of the Japanese invasion of China. At that time, Sally's grandfather, who was Mr. Fujiwara's bodyguard adjutant, had long been killed, leaving Sally's father, who had been adopted by Mr. Fujiwara. However, when Japan was about to be defeated, the emperor urgently called Mr. Fujiwara back. He set off in a hurry, but he couldn't take his relatives with him. If The old man looked at the sky and said sadly, "If we had gone back after the defeat, perhaps Mr. Fujiwara's wife, Huiren's grandmother, and Huiren's father and Sally's father would have brought them back to Japan.". Alas, this is just my thought. How many Japanese children were forced to stay in China in those years? These children are all raised by the Chinese, who return good for evil and bring up the children of Japanese war criminals.. Xie Huiren no longer paced, I do not know when, he has stood beside the old man. At this time, he looked up at the sky, there were birds flying in the sky,Teardrop Pallet Racking, but did not know where to fly, they circled in the air, drawing a beautiful arc, singing from time to time, that is no one can understand the voice. When the army retreats, it is very difficult for women and children to withdraw. Besides, I can't leave with a woman and two children. At that time, I sent a letter to Mr. Fujiwara, telling him that I would protect the two children, and as the two heirs of the family, I had the responsibility to raise them. At the same time, I asked him to adopt my child in Japan, Suzuki's father. Mr. Suzuki's tears flowed down silently. He bit his lip and lowered his head, not daring to look at anyone. The old man continued, "In those years, we have been incognito and dare not reveal our identity.". Fortunately, I have a Buddhist uncle in China who studied in Japan in his early years. www.xiaoshuotxt.com Section 81: Avalokitesvara Code (81) T, Xt, shuttle rack system ,warehouse storage racks, small, say day, ", don." Xie Huiren suddenly asked, "Is it the old master who refused to go to the temple on Mount Putuo?" Yes, but he wasn't on Mount Putuo at that time. When he studied Buddhism in Japan in his early years, he was best friends with my master. After the war, he protected us. He knew the repentance in my heart, and he didn't have the heart to hurt women and children, so he gave me a chance to become a monk. At the time, it was the only way to protect myself. I didn't dare to stay in the big temple, so I could only find the small temple in Shaoguan. In this way, I, Huiren's grandmother, with two children, finally survived. With tears in his eyes, the old man recalled his life in those years, and his words were full of regret. "Later, the Chinese government solved the problem of Japanese orphans after the war. At that time, I contacted Mr. Fujiwara, who wanted me to take my wife and children back.". However, Mrs. Fujiwara disagreed, saying that the children grew up in China and there was no need to go back.
I knew she didn't want to get involved in the political struggle between the Fujiwara family and the Emperor of Japan. She had always hated Hirohito for the misfortune he had brought to so many Japanese families. That's why your grandmother let you become a monk. She wanted you to forget your hatred. Xie Huiren listened quietly. He closed his eyes tightly and said in a low voice, "Master, I understand.". I will atone for her sins. "Well, Huiren, it's good that you know." The old man turned his head and looked at Xie Huiren with relief in his eyes. He continued, "Later, in that chaotic era, we had to scatter.". Mrs. Fujiwara, Huiren's grandmother, did not know how to expose her identity, and I knew that my identity would soon be exposed, so I could no longer continue to protect you. Especially Huiren, I am afraid that he will have an accident, so I can only let him run away from home, hoping that he can be reunited in the future. As for Sally's family, I advised them to sneak into Hong Kong, after settling down, they could take Huiren over, and then make plans to go back to Japan, but I didn't expect.. Sally's nose turned sour and tears fell down. The old man continued, "Fortunately, you asked your fellow countrymen to go home and inquire about the situation, so that we can still find you." "What?" Sally looked up in surprise and blurted out, "Did you look for me?" The old man smiled, but not very naturally. Otherwise, who arranged for you to go to school? Who was behind your job at Guardian? Sally opened her mouth wide and said to herself, "Master, you mean.." Mr. Fujiwara has been looking for you, but fortunately you are still easy to find. Your uncle has been secretly taking care of you, supporting you to go to school, and then arranging for you to enter the Fujiwara family's business. "Jiade.." Is it the Fujiwara family's business? "Yes, it was founded by Mr. Fujiwara, whose original intention was to buy back the Chinese cultural relics lost to Japan and then return them to China in the form of auction." Xie Huiren's heart was lifted. Over the years,industrial racking systems, Jiade Company has a very good reputation in the Chinese auction industry. Indeed, many lost cultural relics have returned to China. However, he did not expect that it was Mr. Fujiwara who planned behind the scenes. jracking.com

The big devil

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