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Subject Topic: Dharala Prabhu Film Review: Fine remake e Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by aperfectreview on 27†May†2020 at 8:37pm - IP Logged
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Dharala Prabhu Film Review: Fine remake execution of the film Vicky Donor!

The Tamil film is based on the Bollywood Film, Vicky Donor. It revolves around a shrewd fertility clinic, which convinces an unemployed guy to donate sperms to the clinic. The happy-go-lucky guy is lured by the money the clinic offers him and is not at all aware of the trouble he will land into. Post marriage he faces trouble due to his involvement in the clinic and the journey is worth the watch.

Director Krishna Marimuthu has finely made the changes to convert the Hindi script into a Tamil one, which definitely must not have been an easy task. The plot of the fine knitted story begins with a veteran doctor, Kannadasan who runs the clinic. The role of the doctor has been played by Vivekh. The character is in search for a healthy sperm donor for his infertile clients. After facing a lot of troubles, he comes across Prabhu, whose entire world revolves around football, his mother, his grandmother and his care-free life. The clinic doctor approaches Parbhu and promises him to pay good money for sperm donation. However, the latter refuses the deal of the clinic doctor however; a personal incident prompts him to take the deal to undertake his expenses. After Prabhu agrees to work for the clinic, the business of the doctor shoots up in no time. Both of them receive a lot profit from the new clients.
While undertaking this business, Prabhu falls in love with Nidhi, the character of the female lead has been played by Tanya Hope. Their love blooms and both of them decide to get hitched. Due to the different family backgrounds they initially have a lot of trouble to convince their families but finally get permission to tie a knot. However, it seems that the fate has a different plan for the couple. Parbhu realises that his relationship with his wife seems to go for a toss because they fail to have a child. Due to constant sperm donation, they fail to have a little one.

Harish Kalyan has delivered justice to the character of the main lead. As compared to the original version, he has definitely pulled off a lovely role. He successfully delivers the character of a naÔve guy and has had a lovely chemistry on screen with the other actors. Tanya Hope has delivered a fine and decent role and has catered the right expressions for the film. He has definitely been a delight to watch on the screen. However, Vivekh has delivered the perfect role and managed to steal the show in a lot of scenes. His character has definitely injected a lot of subtle humour and the comic timing of the film is perfect. His effortless performance seems quite stunning on the screen and has also been applauded by the audience. Comedy and emotions have been in sync in the film and the script is also penned down beautifully. Anupama and Sachu have delivered a lovely performance and engaged the audience with their acting skills.

The cinematography of the film is quite pleasant and Selva Kumar has done his best to do justice to the film. He has used different shots to capture the shots beautifully, overall it is shot well. However, there are a few slow paced scenes in the next-half of the film, which seem to disturb the flow of the film. The background score of the film suits the storyline perfectly. There is a lot of scope for improvement especially in the emotional scenes.
The film is an enjoyable ride and the remake has definitely been bang on. The engaging, breezy and entertaining film has a perfect blend of mentions and comic timing. There are solid performances delivered by the star-cast has been stunning. What keeps the film together is the cast of the film, where Harish Kalyan naturally fits in the role of the lead and Vivekh fits as the clinic doctor. The film has been beautifully penned down by Marimuthu and his entire team. There is definitely a lovely chemistry between Kalyan and Vivekh. The film is definitely entertaining and has a social message without seeming to be sexist. Infertility has been taken light-hearted and very positively in the film. The way emotions have been weaved in the story is absolutely stunning; in the latter half the film is literally on an emotional-rollercoaster-ride. The comic timing and subtle humoured jokes are a major plus to the film.

The film has brought the issue of infertility into the limelight for the Tamil audience. There are even a few tailor-made roles in the films. There are instances in the film where a few characters have not been able to deliver the perfect expressions in different scenes. The film with Tamil sentiments is a bang on film. It is good that the filmmaker did not decide to dilute the characters of the film and rather choose to enhance the concept of sperm donation. There might be a few brownie points where comedy did not work but apart from that the film was really good than what was expected out of the director. The film so far has definitely received a positive response from the audience and still has been applauded by the audience. Looks like the regional audience loved the Bollywood concept, which was beautifully remade into a Tamil film.

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